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    Lars is a sans serif created from parameters, which we at Bold-Decisions, prefer to see in a typeface – impartial and versatile. Created from a specific doctrine and worked down to what we perceive as neutral. This sans serif family covers a wide range of languages, has great legibility and a universal appeal.

    Sverre is a stencil face, loosely drawn up from the ‘Combination Stencil Sheet’ by Sverre Rian, a Norwegian immigrant, who made it in Darlington, Wisconsin, circa 1920. The digitisation of this typeface continues as an exercise in repeating letter shapes across scripts.

    gc16 is a monospaced serif typeface — which originates from an undated ‘plate’, by Percy Smith. After the initial revival was done, gc16 was put on the bottom of the to-do list, and only recently finalised. We saw that there was something about mixing these highly organic traits, with something as ‘digital’ and unusual as a monospacing. gc16 features 4 stylistic sets, and a slashed zero.

    Bold-Decisions.biz is a type foundry based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

    Please direct questions and other enquiries to abc@bold-decisions.biz

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